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Orders of Protection are necessary where one party needs the assistance of the Court to restrain the other party from assaulting or harassing them or to have the other party directed to stay away from them. If you need to obtain an order of protection, please contact our New York attorneys.

When is an Order of Protection Needed?

Orders of Protection, sometimes referred to as Restraining Orders, are a type of court order that can be used in New York to shield people from harassment, threats, or violent acts. It may be requested in a number of circumstances to protect the security and welfare of the individual making the request. In New York, the following situations may necessitate the issuance of a protective order:

  1. Domestic Violence: A person may apply for one if they are the victim of domestic violence, which includes physical abuse, sexual assault, or emotional abuse. This includes scenarios involving partners, family members, spouses, ex-spouses, intimate partners, and those with whom the victim has a child.
  2. Stalking: A person may get an Order of Protection if they are the target of stalking or other forms of harassment by another person. Stalking is the persistent unwanted attention of being followed, watched over, or contacted in a way that makes the victim feel scared or distressed.
  3. Child Abuse or Neglect: A court order may shield the child from further damage in situations where there is proof of or a good faith suspicion of child abuse or neglect.
  4. Elder Abuse: An Order of Protection may be requested to guarantee an older person’s safety and stop additional harm if they are being mistreated, taken advantage of, or ignored.
  5. Threats or Harassment: If someone is subjected to persistent threats, intimidation, or harassment by another person that instills terror or distress, they may apply for an Order of Protection to safeguard themselves.

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