Caution wet floor sign on shiny floors

Slip and falls or trip and fall accidents can occur inside or outside buildings, on sidewalks, in parking lots, playgrounds, or on any other type of premises or structure. Most slip and falls or tip and falls are due to the existence of a dangerous and defective condition, such as poorly cleaned or maintained premises, worn or broken steps, missing handrails, cracked or raised sidewalks or walkways, bad flooring, wet floors, poor lighting on steps and walkways or weather related conditions such as snow and ice. In order to be successful in this type of claim, it is important to immediately gather photographs and physical evidence to document the existence of the dangerous condition as well as the proof that it was the cause of your accident.

Contacting The Saul Law Firm as soon as the accident has occurred provides you with the best opportunity to gather the proof necessary for your claim. The physical evidence and condition that caused your accident can often be cleaned up, fixed, or repaired quickly and easily. Therefore, it is important that you act quickly to preserve evidence, which includes taking photographs and obtaining witness information. We have experience in all types of slip/trip and fall accidents, including those which occur in office or apartment buildings, restaurants, and supermarkets, trips over uneven sidewalks and curbs, parking lot potholes, and falls down stairs that are in poor, unlit, and generally dangerous and defective condition or not built to code. If you have been injured in a slip/trip and fall accident, call us immediately to be sure your rights are protected.