Ice on sidewalk as woman is walking

Property owners and managers have an obligation to keep their premises clear of snow and ice hazards within a reasonable time following the completion of a storm. If the snow or ice is not properly cleared, which usually includes proper shoveling, salting, and sanding, negligence can often be held as the cause of the fall. Injuries resulting from slips and falls on snow and ice can be very serious and often involve broken or fractured bones. In order to be successful in this type of claim, it is important to immediately gather photographs and physical evidence to document the existence of the dangerous condition as well as the proof that it was the cause of your accident.

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Contacting The Saul Law Firm as soon as the accident has occurred provides you with the best opportunity to gather the proof necessary for your claim. The physical evidence and/or condition that caused your accident can often be cleaned up, fixed, or may simply disappear due to warmer temperatures. Therefore, it is important that you act quickly to preserve evidence, which includes taking photographs and obtaining witness information. If you have been injured due to someone else’s negligence in properly clearing snow or ice, call us immediately to protect your rights.